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Conquest - Old Dominion: Hierodeacon


Barcode: 5213009013581

Price: $45.95AUD inc. GST

Stock: 14

While the monastic order of the Last Creed revelled in the apocalypse that destroyed the original priesthood, a portion of their number were not devoted exclusively to Hazlia himself, but to his Fallen Pantheon. Those few members of the pantheon who survived the Fall and the Scouring that followed saw fit to bless a few of their remaining monks with their dark power. Thus were born the Hierodeacons, members of the Final Creed, but standing outside it for their devotion is not to Hazlia himself, but rather his Dark Pantheon. These are the last followers of these fallen divinities who must serve two masters: the Final Creed and its apocalyptic dreams of furthering Hazlias vision and that of their own twisted divine patron who must cooperate with the Anointed and the Creed to further their own ineffable goals.

1 plastic Miniature 1 Base 1 Command Card.