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Reaper: Bones USA Introductory Package

Street Date: November 2021

SKU: RPR00779

Price: $493.95AUD inc. GST

Stock: 1

Just in time for the Holiday season, we're pleased to offer our retail partners this Bones USA Introductory Assortment package! BONES USA is Reaper Miniatures' newest line of plastic miniatures made in the USA! The #779 Introductory Package contains one each of all 50 different BONES USA miniatures!

RPR30001    Lysette, Elven Mage
RPR30002    Darius the Wizard
RPR30003    Finn Greenwell, Leprechaun
RPR30004    Romag Davl, Thief
RPR30005    Bhonk, Bugbear Chieftain
RPR30006    Elanter, the Lost Prince
RPR30007    Damras Deveril, Wizard
RPR30008    Alaedril Starbloom, Elf Wizard
RPR30009    Fillyjonk, Hellborn Rogue
RPR30010    Berg Ironthorn, Dwarf Crossbowman
RPR30011    Arkus Harn, Dwarf Witch Hunter
RPR30012    Carson, Female Harefolk
RPR30013    Roogtarki Ore Hound
RPR30014    Genesis, Viceroy Assassin
RPR30015    Sansavar Chung, Viceroy
RPR30016    Zara, Arkos Jumper
RPR30017    Devo Ranks, Cyberist
RPR30018    Oonda, Roogtarki Smuggler
RPR30019    Asanis, Mercury Flyer
RPR30020    Rook, Arkos Jumper
RPR30021    Krampus
RPR30022    Orc Marauder
RPR30023    Mangu Timur, Evil Warlord
RPR30024    Skeletal Archers (3)
RPR30025    Ingrid, Female Gnome Rogue
RPR30026    Pirate with Treasure Chest
RPR30027    Anirion, Elf Wizard
RPR30028    Chit Jubal, Arkos Chopper
RPR30029    Viceroy Enforcers (3)
RPR30030    Brom Grippon, Arko Gadgeteer
RPR30031    Theris Vinsom, Mercury Flyer
RPR30032    Viceroy Scrutator, "Death Marble"
RPR30033    Gingerbread Man
RPR30034    ReaperCon 2021 Pirate Mouslings
RPR30035    Captain Blackscale, Dragonfolk Pirate
RPR30036    Gisele the Sorceress
RPR30037    Hawthorne Krabbe and Poppets
RPR30038    Hakkle Blackhook, Gnoll PIrate
RPR30039    Captain Barty Redd
RPR30040    Zombie PIrates (3)
RPR30041    The Drunken Mermaid
RPR30042    Build-a-Figure Modular Pirate (3)
RPR30043    Stumpy Dan McGinty and Grog Hog
RPR30044    Chop and Grub, Halfling Cooks
RPR30045    Nub, Dwarf Sausage Maker
RPR30046    Champion of Maersuluth
RPR30047    Punkin' Headed Bugbear
RPR30048    Tub, Dwarf Baker
RPR30049    Skipper and Scuttle
RPR30050    Jewels and Crossbones

Package BONUS!!! We're adding a set of our best-selling PIZZA DUNGEON DICE and a new REAPER BONES "NATHAVARR THE RAVENOUS" boxed set. This dragon has not been released to the public and is only currently available with this #779 Package! These items are bonus items we're adding as a way to say "Thank you!" to the wonderful retailers who kept our hobby alive over the last two years!

Includes 1 each of all Reaper Bones USA miniatures in production. This package also includes one Reaper Bones Boxed Set "Nathavarr the Ravenous", and a set of Reaper Pizza Dungeon Dice. Supplies are limited. Allocations may occur.