TableTop Gaming Issue 58


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What's in this Issue?

•    FREE GIFT FOR SUBSCRIBERS – A free Mazescape adventure, can you draw your way out of this one?
•    The Dark Crystal Adventure Game – Bringing the adventure to Thra as you and your friends have 100 days to save the world. What are you waiting for Gelfling?
•    The Horned Rat – The Enemy Within campaign ramps up, and digs down, as we get to meet the Skaven and their under-empire
•    Vagrantsong – A boss-battling train-hopping game drenched in the weird folklore of the Southern USA. Throw in 1920’s style rubber hose artwork, and you’ve got a unique adventure ahead.
•    Endless Winter: Paleoamericans – Stan Kordonskiy brings us another slice of blurry history, this time set in 10,000 BC in North America.
•    Lands of Galzyr – explore a rich and excessively storied world in the new game from Sami Laasko
•    Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! – We rate and review some of the biggest games of the year, including: Jaws of the Lion,  Equinox, Descent: Legends of the Dark, The Horned Rat, Fired Up, Tinners Trail Second Edition, and What Next?