Medieval Warfare; Volume 11 Issue 2


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Theme: Holy wars in the Middle Ages

  • Alfred J. Andrea, 'Medieval holy wars around the world - Fighting for the faith'.
  • Rana Mikati, 'Female warriors in early Islam - Women's Jihad?'
  • William E. Welsh, '"As one misfortune often follows a worse" - Battle of the Field of Blood'.
  • Francesca Petrizzo, 'Religion in the Norman conquest of Sicily - Not a holy war'.
  • Javier Albarrán, 'Campaigning in medieval Iberia - How to carry out Jihad'.


  • Stephen Turnbull, 'The two battles of Kōnodai - Fathers and sons at war'.
  • George Theotokis, 'Perspectives from Byzantine military manuals - A good military leader'.
  • Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'The X to XII of medieval swords - The Oakeshott typology'.
  • Alexander R. Brondarbit, 'The story of John Neville, Marquess of Montagu - In the Kingmaker's shadow'.
  • Randall Moffett, 'Charging an enemy in the eleventh century - The Norman knight'.
  • Vicky McAlister, 'What was around the tower house - Beyond the walls'.