TableTop Gaming Issue 56


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What's in this Issue?

•    50 Best Party Games Ever – That’s right, we’re running down the best party games ever made. From spying and word games to team games and kids games that have got out of hand, we’ve pick our favourites for playing in a larger group. 
•    Making The Perfect Party Game, With Big Potato – we catch up with James Vaughan of Big Potato and ask, how do you make the perfect party game?
•    Blood On The Clocktower – join us chatting to Steve Medway, the designer of Blood on the Clocktower, about the imminent arrival of this long awaited social deduction extravaganza.
•    How to Win Games and Manipulate People – We dive into the psychology of gaming, and use it to our advantage
•    Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile – we give the final verdict on one of the most anticipated games of the year, does it match up?
•    Bloodborne: The Board Game Painting Guide – we crack a couple of blood vials to create this hunters and bosses painting guide

PLUS: We have all the usual reviews, including Seven Bridges, Van Richtens Guide To Ravenloft, Dream Crush, Wasteland Knight (Second Edition), Wanderhome, Tiny Epic Pirates, and Vienna Connection.