Ancient Warfare Volume 14 Issue 5


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Ancient Warfare XIV.5

Theme: Breakaway empires of the third century AD

  • Murray Dahm, 'The Roman Empire in the third century AD - Crisis or consequence'.
  • Aaron L. Beek, 'The Egyptian revolt of Domitius Domitianus - A brief empire of grain'.
  • Peter Crawford, 'A British breakaway empire - Imperium Britanniarum'.
  • Robert C. L. Holmes, 'The cavalry actions at Immae and Emesa - Horse races for empire'.
  • Jona Lendering, 'The Franks, the Emperor Postumus, and the big nothing'.


  • Ross Cowan, 'Military exploration in the first century AD - Roman adventurers'.
  • Anneka Mihajlov, 'Commemorating a loyal Athenian cavalryman - The stele of Dexileos'.
  • Murray Dahm, 'The reading habits of ancient generals - Sleepless nights'.
  • Duncan B. Campbell, 'The Roman marching column - Order of march'.
  • M.C. Bishop, 'The Mainz-Weisenau helmet - Exception to the rule'.
  • Marc DeSantis, 'What if Macedon's greatest king had fought the Romans - Alexander in Italy, 317 BC'.