Miniature Wargames Issue 447

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• On the cover is Death In The Back Of Beyond: An adaption of Death in the Dark Continent..
• Solo Play rules and scenarios: Going Solo: for the SF system ACP164 plus A Jaunt Ashore: for The Men who would be Kings.
• In Command Decision it’s Nigeria in 2020; and in Beyond Thunder Box we have simple, fast play Buggy racing rules.
• Napoleonic Skirmish has skirmishing for the Portable Napoleonic Wargame.
• Scratch building: an SF Tower block or a French Dovecot!
• In An Old Dog The Editor wonders where the time goes and in Freak Show Jon Sutherland ponders sculpting...
• Club Spotlight: the Milton Hundred Wargames Club.
• Last Word by Henry Hyde.
• All the usual news and reviews.