AEU37: Jagdgeschwader 400

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Stephen Ransom

Hans-Hermann Cammann

Jim Laurier

About this book
The Jagdgeschwader 400 group was formed for the sole purpose of flying one of the world’s most revolutionary aircraft, the rocket-powered Me 163. Although the Me 163 scored relatively few kills, with a success rate much lower than the Me 262, it still had a massive psychological impact upon the Allies, and the technology and experiences gained in the Me 163 went on to influence the jet fighters of modern times. The introduction of jet-powered aircraft demanded massive changes in training, equipment, servicing and tactics, all of which are described and examined in this essential analysis of the story of the Me 163 in frontline service with Erprobungskommando 16 and Jagdgeschwader 400.


  • Origin and Development of Me 163
  • Erprobungskommando (Operational trials unit) 16
  • Gruppe I, JG 400 (Operational history of Staffeln 1, 2 and 3
  • Gruppe II, JG 400 (Operational history of Staffeln 5, 6 and 7)
  • Me 163 training(Ergänzungsjagdgeschwader (EJG) 2, etc)
  • Appendices: technical specification and performance tables for Me 163
  • unit organisation
  • personnel list
  • brief biographies of Me 163 aircrew
  • selected bibliography


Paperback; November 2010; 128 pages; ISBN: 9781846039751

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