Man-O-War Bombardier Officer - Khador Command Attachment (resin/metal)

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The officers of the bombardier corps lead their soldiers to seize victory in the name of the Motherland. Each has spent a lifetime on the battlefield raining fiery death on the heads of the enemy. This wealth of experience lets the officers direct their units in cunning maneuvers, like slashing through thick underbrush with their steam-powered saws to flank an enemy emplacement before unleashing a hail of explosives with unrelenting precision.

The Man-O-War Bombardier Officer is a Command Attachment for the Man-O-War Bombardier unit (PIP 33067). It not only increases the offensive output of these already elite troops by allowing them to fire their Grenade Cannons multiple times, but it also provides some unique utility with a new ability that allows the Bombardiers to cut their way through thick terrain with their Chain Blades as they advance into battle.

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