Wargames Illustrated Issue 357

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Wargames Illustrated  Issue 357


This issue has Richard the Lionheart as it’s them ~ learn how he became King; find out about his warriors; learn what a surcoat is and how do you tell the difference between a COIF and a Ventail??!!


  • Rules being showcased this month are  SWORDPOINT and FABLED REALMS;

  • Designers Notes on Campaign Sea Lion and General D’Armee;

  • Build a Czech train from WW1 and rescue your compatriots in Vladivostok;

  • Check out the Society of Ancients BATTLE DAY and Salute 2017!!

  • Painting CHAINMAIL and building an ACW ironclad.

  • Paint some Gnolls and Halflings with Nick Eyre

  • All the usual reviews and Eye-Candy

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