T-34 obr 1940 and 1941 (x3)


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T-34 obr 1940 Company (SBX29) includes three plastic T-34 hull sprues, three plastic T-34 track sprues, three plastic T-34 components sprues, six resin T-34 obr 1940 / 1941 turrets, three T-34 obr 1940 guns, three T-34 obr 1940 / 1941 turret hatches, one plastic Soviet Tank Commander sprue & nine Rare earth magnets.

The tank divisions formed the hard hitting core of the mechanised corps. They were armed with a mix of tanks with the best armed based around the new T-34 tank.

The new T-34 tanks were issued to a number of tank divisions in the mechanised corps, and the Germans began to run into them within the first few days of the invasion. The T-34 caused the Germans to often avoid direct engagement with this well-armoured tank and powerful 76mm gun.

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