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Bones Learn to Paint Kit

SKU: RPR08906

Stock: 0

Price: $59.95AUD inc. GST

This Kit includes: 11 Bottles of MSP Core Colors and MSP HD Paint, 2 Brushes, 3 Bones Miniatures (Pictured) and an instruction Guide by Rhonda Bender.

11 Master Series Paints included are:

  • 9030: Leather Brown
  • 9037: Pure Black
  • 9039: Pure White
  • 9053: Honed Steel
  • 9054: Polished Silver
  • 9085: Shadowed Stone
  • 9200: Harvest Brown
  • 9228: Viper Green
  • 9271: Dirty Bone
  • 29815: Dragon Blue
  • 29809: Pale Saffron
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