December Acolyte (3)

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This box contains 3 December Acolytes, Minion models for the Arcanists faction.


December Acolytes are worshippers of December, one of Malifaux's Tyrant entities. Skilled and stealthy hunters, these models can be used to strike at an opponent at a key time, disrupting how an opponent's model operates, even if it is only for a very short, but precise time. Natural scouts, the Acolytes are able to deploy outside of your normal deployment zone, gaining ground on the opponent quicker than usual, and securing key locations before they can reach them. When they find a target, they are able to use their Harpoon Guns to drag them closer, then strike out with their Hunting Knives before escaping and lettings someone else finish off their target. They can also Smell Weakness, removing opponents of benefits such as Armour for a short time, and making them easier targets for other models they are teamed with.


December Acolytes are a great fit for expanding a Rasputina crew. They can drag things in and out of range when needed, and because they have Frozen Heart, Rasputina can use them when casting spells to target other models. However, there are other Arcanist Masters that may also have a use for them. Marcus can use them to weaken targets for his beasts in order to take down large threats. Ramos can also benefit from the same factor, while their options for slowing an opponent also means that it can give his Constructs a chance to swarm over the enemy. 

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