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Conquest - City States: Founder's Exclusive "The Last Stand"

Conquest - City States: Founder\'s Exclusive \


Barcode: 5213009016186

Price: $234.99AUD inc. GST

Stock: 4

4 resin deluxe sculptures and a highly sculpted resin base, sepuentially numbered to 750 (700 for sale, 50 for prize support in 2024), Includes Assembly Instructions.

This is a Founder's Exclusive Model. Highly detailed miniature sculpts on a dioramic base that is hand crafted and made just one time. These will be a serial numbered limited edition of 750 units, 700 for sale, 50 to be savbed for future tournament prize support. When the last defenders of Aepernia fell to the tide of living death that engulfed the south, the foe they left to the reinforcing forces of Acheron were scattered and brittle. Even the notoriously taciturn god of Acheron is known to have said: ‘They did not fight like heroes, the heroes fought like them.’ This diorama includes 4 resin miniatures that can represent a Aristarch, Polemarch, Dorylatis and Minotaur Thyrean Leader along with a detailed resin base. Each figure is removable from the dioramic base so they may be used in game play.