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TableTop Gaming Issue 63

TableTop Gaming Issue 63


Barcode: 620D9B100078B

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We might be adventuring in the gutters, but we’re looking to the stars in issue 63 of Tabletop Gaming magazine. We speak to Cubicle 7 about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and their role of keeping the embers of Warhammer’s Old World stoked until Games Workshop return. We also talk about getting the company started – with Daleks.

We also take in Portal Games’ punt at a football manager board game – and it looks like it might be the special one.

Plus we get the scoop on Crescent Moon (a new Osprey area control game), Purple Haze (a narrative game about Vietnam that blends war and rpgs perfectly) and the bombastic boss battler (with feelings) that is Sankokushin Five Sacrifices.

• WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY – The Old World lives on at Cubicle 7, we visit the world of Warhammer Fantasy on our tabletops and discover how the company got started with Daleks.
• ELEVEN – We lace up for Portal Games’ new football manager game, can you take your team to the top of the league
• CRESCENT MOON – Conflict in the 10th Century Middle East from Osprey Games
• PURPLE HAZE – we try and survive the Vietnam war in Phalanx’s new narrative game
• ANKH: GODS OF EGYPT PAINTING GUIDE – We brush up on our ancient Egyptian deities in this epic painting guide

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