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TableTop Gaming Issue 87

TableTop Gaming Issue 87


Barcode: 65D29CCB73545

Price: $15.00AUD inc. GST

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What makes a game beautiful? Who are the faces behind the incredible art in our games? This issue is shining a light on the artists behind the scenes, from teams to individuals, photographers to trailer makers, sculptors to dice makers, and everything in between. Plus of course, a ton of reviews of the latest and greatest in tabletop board games, RPGs, and miniatures!

What’s in this issue:
•    ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Andrew Bosely, the artist behind the incredible Everdell talks bringing whimsy to tabletop
•    MASSIVE DREAMS, TINY MINIATURES: Steamforged Games on making their games and miniatures beautiful
•    BEHIND THE LENS: With board game photography and animated trailer making
•    BIG REVIEWS: Including… Sankoré: The Pride of Mansa Musa, Kutná Hora: The City of Silver, Ark Nova: Marine Worlds, Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition, Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies