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TableTop Gaming Issue 77

TableTop Gaming Issue 77


Price: $15.00AUD inc. GST

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Tabletop Gaming magazine is relaunching this month with a brand new promise: to be your ultimate guide to tabletop games.

•    SAME GREAT MAG, BRAND NEW LOOK – Tabletop Gaming promises to become your ultimate guide to board games.
•    FREE STAR WARS DESTINY BOOSTER PACK – Return to this Star Wars classic, worth £3.50 when picking up the single issue
•    NEW FEATURES: Including: The Gateway (getting anyone into the hobby), Connect 4 (finding your next game from a classic), What’s In Your Attic (and how much is that weird old game worth?), plus MANY MORE
•    HOMEWORLD FLEET COMMAND – Control hundreds of ships in this serene space shooter, now on your tabletop
•    AN INTRODUCTION TO TRADITIONAL GAMES – We dive into the world of traditional wooden board games and ask: why are they still so appealing all these years later?
•    CYANDIDE & HAPPINESS – The rudest game on your tabletop? That’s down to you. We catch up with the webcomics creator turned board game designers.

The new features include:

•    The Gateway – Our introductory feature for new players. Learn the basics of a classic gateway game, why everyone loves it, and even get a few tips on how to win. Ideal for handing to someone who has never played a hobby game before – and getting them hooked.
•    Connect 4 – Our supercharged recommendation feature. We take a big name game, hobby gem, or cult classic and give you four next games to try out based on one of the main game’s key features. Your roadmap to your next favourite game.
•    Out of the Box – A dedicated look at all of that stuff that doesn’t come with rules. We look at gaming accessories, puzzles, building activities and other weird and wonderful stuff that might catch your eye before you dive into the reviews.
•    What’s In Your Attic – We take a look at the incredible gaming discoveries players have found in their attic, and work out whether they’re selling or keeping for the nostalgia. A great way for the community to reflect on the good, bad and sometimes ugly of classic games of their childhood.

These features join regular slots such as Have You Played? (a look at games you might have missed out on first time round), The Soloist (a dedicated column to solo gaming of all stripes) and Encapsulate (a trip through each year of gaming right up to the present day).