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TableTop Gaming Issue 74

TableTop Gaming Issue 74


Barcode: 63BCE16477D73

Price: $15.00AUD inc. GST

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What's in this Issue?

The Last of Us: Escape The Dark sees a mash up of triple-A narrative gaming for Playstation – and the more indie sensibilities of the Escape The Dark series. We explore the dangerous territory between us and safety with the game’s designer, Tom Pike.

And it is Troika!’s 6th birthday – an important number for a game focused on rolling six-sided dice. Join us as we reveal the upcoming books for the game, and work out exactly what makes this everyone’s favourite indie RPG

And beyond that, we’ve got guides to game that can be played at nearly any player count and a guide to having the perfect board games night.

•    THE LAST OF US: ESCAPE THE DARK – We try and make it to a safe zone in this tabletop outing of one of the biggest digital titles ever with The Last of Us. We catch up with the creators of Escape The Dark Castle to explore this new world.
•    TROIKA! AT 6 – Everyone’s favourite roleplaying game of weirdos flying around on golden barges between strange worlds celebrates its sixth birthday with five new books and adventures. We spend some time unearthing it’s weird secrets.
•    CARROOKA – This year’s most exciting dexterity game is worth a spin, literally. Carrooka is Snooker on a circlular board, with discs instead of balls – and most importantly you can spin the table to  take the perfect shot. We talk to the husband and wife duo behind the game. 
•    32 GAMES REVIEWED – Massive Darkness 2, Starship Captains, War of the Ring: The Card Game, 3000 Scoundrels, Vaults of Vaarn, Ticket to Ride: Ghost Train and many more!