Ancient Warfare Volume 14 Issue 2


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Ancient Warfare XIV.2

Theme: Rise of the Roman legion

  • Marc DeSantis, 'The Roman army of the fourth century BC - Livy's manipular legion'.
  • Jeremy Armstrong, 'Considering the early Roman army - New approaches and paradigms'.
  • Josh Hall, 'Rome's first steps towards empire - The Siege of Veii, 406-396 BC'.
  • Michael Taylor, 'The origin of the manipular legion - Parsing the phalanx'.
  • Ross Cowan, 'Pilum, hasta, gladius, and scutum - Weapons of the early legions'.


  • Duncan B. Campell, 'Soldiers, sailors, and seamen - Roman fleet personnel'.
  • M.C. Bishop, 'The Roman Niederbieber helmets - Form and function'.
  • Jo Ball, 'A civilian complaint from Vindolanda - Soldiers behaving badly'.
  • Molly Willett, '"Able to make as good a use of night as of day" - Nighttime warfare'.
  • Murray Dahm, 'Elite hoplite units in the city of Cadmus - The 300... Thebans?!'.
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