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Miniature Wargames Issue 477

Miniature Wargames Issue 477

SKU: MW477

Barcode: 63BCDEF7564A1

Price: $14.95AUD inc. GST

Stock: 1

What's in this Issue?

Command Decision. We are still investigating a civil war in a different county: Seeing the Elephant. Catoosa & Walker County and Jo Sutherland has Georgia on his mind with more ACW scenarios.

In Send Three And Fourpence Conrad Kinch gives us Combat at El Bodon: a Peninsular War Command & Colours Napoleonic game. 

In the War To Save Yule Buck Surdo rings our solstice bells with an Ozz based scenario and  our Scratch Build from Tony Harwood is a supportive piece of terrain that looks almost good enough to eat!

In World Aflame painting maestro Kevin Dallimore casts some shadow on burning torches and how to paint them.

In Stormin Sword Beach we present a 20mm WWII game to throw yourself into. A mass event over three days for an entire club for a D-Day extravaganze

But going back a few millennia in  Chariots Like The Whirlwind we have ideas for using Chariots in an Egyptian & Assyrian Wargame Armies.

With Recce we have some splendiferous publications to pique a wargamer’s interest.

In Defence In Depth we present the latest in figure and rules reviews.

The Last Word has some thoughts on podcasts from Matthew McLean.