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Um, Actually - Deluxe Edition

Um, Actually - Deluxe Edition


Barcode: 8-24284-60002-8

Price: $78.95AUD inc. GST

Stock: 34

Um, Actually Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Everything in the standard edition,
  • The community deck, a pack of 60 questions voted on by backers during the campaign
  • Support for 2 more players
  • 3 New Categories (Anime, 80s & 90s, Horror)

Features 270 more questions than the standard edition

CollegeHumor is joining forces with Wiggles 3D to bring you the long-awaited home version of their popular game show, Um, Actually!

Um, Actually presents you with statements about the fictional worlds of popular movies, TV shows and books. They all sound right... but listen carefully, because each one has a mistake hidden in it somewhere! It's up to you to figure out what's wrong and announce it before anyone else, starting, of course, with the magic phrase: "Um, actually..."

But even if you know nothing about Sailor Moon or Star Wars, you'll find yourself making wild guesses, stumbling into answers, and having laughs along the way!

Customize your game experience by building your game deck before you play. Select the categories that interest YOU the most: Fantasy, Cartoons, Comics, Sci-Fi, Games, AND MORE! Each game consists of 12 rounds of play: 9 questions, 2 shiny questions, and one real-life skills question.

For the regular questions, feel free to butt in with an "Um, Actually" any time you know the answer. For the shiny and real-life skills questions, players will use the whiteboards and markers provided in the game to answer.

The ultimate party game, Um, Actually's discussion prompts on each card encourage hilarious conversations, witty banter, and nerding-out over your favorite fandoms.