Monster Lands Core Game

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Monster Lands is a competitive dice-placement game that combines resource management, worker placement, and fun combat. A refreshing mixture of euro-style planning and unforeseeable adventure that targets a wide audience of medium-to-heavy game players. This is not a purist Euro game, it plays fast and intuitively, yet it has a wide depth of options and components. The colorful artwork draws in the non-initiated gamers.

Players will take on the role of the leader of a small clan of brave warriors, competing to win the crown of the Lands of the Discord. Their mercenaries provide them with dice, which you will use to take actions using a “worker-placement” mechanic. In the Citadel, dice allow players to improve their clan, acquiring hunting tools, shields, potions, venoms, mercenaries, and more. The timing of dice placement and the type of dice players use affects both them and other players.

In the Outside, dice become battle tools. Players roll them in missions and battles to try and defeat monsters or reconquer the land. If planned well, players will have many ways to manipulate dice results and increase their chance of success. Players cannot simply hope for lucky rolls to snatch the crown, they will need to carefully manage their resources and do some proper planning to be successful. Do they have what it takes to succeed?

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