Encounters Bravest Warriors Blue

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new journey for Pendleton Ward's Bravest Warriors launches in 2014 with an evolutionary card game from Catalyst Game Labs, based upon the LevelUp system. Designed by industry innovator Greg Gorden-who created some of the industry's quintessential early games in the original Star Wars, Torg and Earthdawn RPGs-LevelUp is a cooperative play card game with fractured story telling. Players-playing as the Bravest Warriors-will face a variety of threats grouped into Episodes. As the players determine which cards are faced, along with their character abilities they roll dice to defeat those challenges. As a challenge is defeated, the card is flipped over to reveal a reward, a trap or perhaps an even more challenging villain! And as the Bravest Warriors advance, their cards flip-over, leveling up to unlock new strengths and powers!
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