Standard Gamefolio Case 1.0 Solid Dark Green


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Our Gamefolio cases are your tabletop games new best friend. They allow you to instantly customize your game carrying, organization, and storage. The custom design maximizes the number of games and gear you carry in a minimized amount of space!

Our custom built bags, cases and accessories feature a lifetime guarantee, durable, highly water resistant nylon fabric, protective, impact resistant EVA foam, high-quality metal hardware, self-healing zippers, and a variety of pockets, pouches, and compartments to take care of your gaming gear like a boss.

Using Gamefolios give you the added benefit of protecting your game boxes and the artwork thereon by leaving them safely at home. They also keep your game pieces from getting jumbled like a tossed salad or falling all over the place should you accidentally drop, bump, or knock over a Gamefolio Case or the bag they are in. Game boxes aren’t so forgiving.

Use Gamefolios in conjunction with our Vault duffle bag. The Vault duffle bag can hold 4-5 Gamefolio cases, depending on how full each case is. One to three games or more can fit inside each Gamefolio depending on the size and structure of each game.

Only need a game or two for game night? No problem, just grab the Gamefolio case(s) containing the games you want to bring and you’re out the door! (Either with or without one of our Vault duffle bags.)