Puma Panzerspah Platoon


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Puma Panzerspäh Platoon (GBX89) includes six Sd Kfz 234 plastic sprues, two plastic Tank Commander sprues, two Gun Crew sprues, and one Decal sheet.

The Sd Kfz 234 was designed as a replacement to the earlier Sd Kfz 231 and 232 eight-wheeled armoured cars. The Sd Kfz 234/2 Puma was the first variant produced and was armed with a 5cm KwK 39/1 L/60 and co-axial machine-gun mounted in a fully-enclosed turret. 

Though a dramatic increase in firepower, the 5cm gun could sometimes get the crew into trouble; tempting them to engage the enemy upon contact rather than simply breaking off.

Weighing 11.74 tonnes, production of the Puma began in September 1943 and was halted in September 1944 when it was replaced by the other variants (Sd Kfz 234/1 (2cm), Sd Kfz 234/3 (7.5cm), and Sd Kfz 234/4 (PaK40)). In total, 101 examples of the Puma were made.

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