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Flames of War: White Death - Finnish Forces in Mid War

Flames of War: White Death - Finnish Forces in Mid War


Barcode: 9781988558226

Price: $32.50AUD inc. GST

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The Finnish Army had become famous across the world for its epic defence against the 1939 Soviet invasion of the Winter War. In 1941 they joined the Germans in the war against the Soviet Union. The bitter lessons of the Winter War had been well learned. These were further reinforced during the hard fighting of 1941 as they recaptured lost territory and pushed the Red Army back to their original frontiers. With hard-fighting infantry, skilled light infantry, and their newly formed armoured units, the Finnish Army are more than prepared to fight the Soviets to a standstill again.

Inside Hungarian Steel: Mid-war Hungarian Forces 1942-43 you will find:
Background on the Finnish Army and its divisions during Continuation War against the Soviets between 1942 and 1943.

Instructions on how to build:

  • An Armoured Company armed with T-26 light tanks, T-28 and T-34 medium tanks and KV-1 heavy tanks. It also has its own armoured AA tanks in the Swedish designed 40mm Bofors gun armed Landsverk Anti II.
  • A Light Infantry Company based the famous elite Jääkäri (Jäger). These fearless riflemen are backed up by anti-tank rifles, machine-guns, light mortars, and submachine-gunners.
  • An Infantry Company. The Jalkaväki infantry make up the bulk of the Finnish army. Finnish infantry companies were well-balanced teams with infantry, Jääkäri (scout) units, machine-guns, and mortars able to see off any enemy infantry assault. With the attachment of divisional assets such as anti-aircraft and anti-tank platoons, and perhaps even some captured tanks, they made the forests of Finland a death trap for enemy tanks.

The booklet also includes a handy basing guide to help get you troops on the table.

The booklet comes bundled with Unit Cards (27) and Command Cards (18).

The Command Cards include Warrior Lauri Törni, as well as build cards like the Pioneer Company, unit upgrades like Close Defence (discard to give an infantry team AT3 and FP 1+ in an Assault) or Sissi Tactics (Discard to pass Blitz on 2+ for any Unit Leader within 8”/20cm of the Formation Commander.

So if you are looking for an elite infantry force for Mid-war, you should consider the Finns.