Armies of the Late War


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As 1944 began, the British and American forces in Great Britain were preparing for their return to France in the D?Day landings. At the same time the Armies in Italy looked towards Rome, planning the battles that would capture the first Axis capital to fall in the war. While the Western Allies planned, the Red Army was fighting the brutal battles that would take them from Leningrad to the borders of Poland clearing the Motherland of the Fascist invaders.

Armies of Late-War contains the US, German, British, and Soviet forces involved in these dramatic campaigns to liberate Europe. These give you everything you need to field these forces in a Flames Of War game, including the up-gunned M4 Sherman (76mm) and Firefly VC tanks, the powerful M36 Jackson tank destroyer and Cromwell tank, the deadly Churchill Crocodile flame-tank, the M16 with its quadruple .50 cal machine-guns, the lethal Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger, the up-gunned T?34/85 medium tank and the powerful IS-2 heavy tank with its 122mm gun capable of penetrating the armour of any tank.

The Armies Of Late-War book and card packs will help you keep playing your existing V3 Late-War armies with the new V4 Rulebook. The points are all comparable to existing V3 army books but the stats and lists have all be updated to the V4 rules.

The Book contains the following Formations:


  • Tiger Tank Company
  • Panther Tank Company
  • StuG Assault Gun Battery
  • Panzer IV Tank Company
  • Panzergrenadier Company
  • Grenadier Company


  • Sherman Armoured Squadron
  • Cromwell Armoured Squadron
  • Comet Armoured Squadron
  • Churchill Tank Squadron
  • Motor Company
  • Rifle Company


  • M4 Sherman Tank Company
  • Tank Destroyer Company
  • Armored Rifle Company
  • Rifle Company
  • T-34 Tank Battalion
  • Churchill Tank Regiment
  • IS-2 Tank Regiment
  • Rifle Battalion
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