Legion of Sorrows Box Set (Pandora)

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32mm 'heroic' scale high quality metal cast miniature. All miniatures supplied unpainted. May require preparation and assembly. Provided with 30mm plastic round bases.

Miniatures included in box set are Pandora, Baby Kade, Candy and three Sorrows.
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March 2012


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The Pandora box set is a great way to start a Neverborn crew in Malifaux. Pandora leads the crew assisted by Candy and Baby Kade. The box also comes with three Sorrows to give support to the crew. Pandora's crew isn't the easiest group to learn the game with, especially with the special rules which effect how the models interact with each other. However once you get the hang of the group the same rules will be valuable, giving you access to a host of ways to harass your opponent. Pandora's crew, like most Neverborn crews, benefit from being able to inflict willpower tests on your opponent while keeping mobile. If you are looking to expand a crew beyond this box, Insidious Madness work well by providing mobility and some willpower based attacks. Stitched Together can add more willpower tests, some card control and protection. Also, a Teddy will give the crew some melee support, and also act as a large distraction for your opponent, freeing your crew up to achieve other objectives.

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