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Infinity: Pre-Order: Raveneye Officer Pre-order Exclusive Edition

Infinity: Pre-Order: Raveneye Officer Pre-order Exclusive Edition


Barcode: 2800000001216

Price: $19.95AUD inc. GST

Stock: 40

Armies: Military Orders/ Kosmoflot/ Corregidor/ O-12/ Starmada.

“Semper Vigilans” (Ever Vigilant). Motto of the division in charge of the Raveneye Orbital Complex.

Being a law enforcement agency, SWORDFOR knows that the key to maintaining order and ensuring the protection of citizens and innocents is vigilance. Since Concilium Prima is a target of high strategic value, as well as the headquarters of Bureau Aegis, SWORDFOR is strongly committed to its security. To this end, it developed an “Eye in the Sky” type secret monitoring program, and its primary platform was the Raveneye Orbital Complex. However, such a special program required highly qualified personnel to both manage and protect it, the kind of expert staff that only Starmada could provide.

Raveneye Officers are the communications-monitoring technicians of the Raveneye Orbital Complex, even though their official job is to help manage Shimmering Sky, the nanotechnological terraforming system hovering in Concilium’s atmosphere. However the Raveneye Complex also serves as an air and ground traffic monitoring platform, a fact that is well known in military circles, and furthermore it features gun batteries for orbital and surface attack, which is known only to high-level intelligence officials. Although this is a joint endeavor of Bureau Aegis and the Concilium Planetary Defense Force, some members of this Starmada unit are believed to be on the payroll of Bureau Noir. A Raveneye Officer can tap into the orbital facility’s systems and thus control the remote monitoring devices and artillery batteries to unleash hell on any aircraft that tries to enter Concilium’s airspace. All Officers are outfitted with neural interfacing devices consisting of three elements: the interface helmet, where most systems are integrated; a lightweight backpack that contains both the suit’s battery and a cooling/heating, which can also be hand-carried for situations that require them to board an acceleration pod; and a data suit, which acts as a haptic support system for multitasking situations.
All Raveneye Officers are qualified communications and systems engineers who have also been trained in naval gunnery, and they have completed intensive tactical training for naval operations, particularly counter-boarding, so they are ready to join the crew of any battleship, be it with Starmada or with the allied fleet of the Concilium Coordinated Command. These naval officers’ operational profile attests that, even if being “Ever Vigilant” is their motto, they specialize in action, be it launching transorbital assaults or fighting deck by deck.