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Reaper: Limited Edition: Ma'al Drakar - Premium Pre-Painted Miniature

Reaper: Limited Edition: Ma\'al Drakar - Premium Pre-Painted Miniature

SKU: RPR20040

Barcode: 762486200403

Price: $659.95AUD inc. GST

Stock: 4

Reaper Miniatures is excited to share with our customers one of the most popular miniatures ever created in our 30-year history! This Holiday Season, get ready for Ma'al Drakar, the Dragon Tyrant!

This Heroic-Scale Gaming miniature is the latest in our Legendary Encounters range of tabletop products! This fully assembled, pre-painted dragon collectible stands over 12" high and is ready for display on your shelf or used on any gaming table!

This "Smoke and Flame" paint scheme edition of Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant is limited to only 500 units and will surely be on everyone's shopping list this holiday season!

Box measurements:
Approximately 15" x 13.5" x 14.5" (38cm x 34cm x 37cm)
Weight: Approximately 5.3 pounds (2.3 kg)