Bloody Football 4x6 Battle Mat


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The Bloody Football mat (#370) mat will really bring your favorite sci-fi or fantasy football game to life! It is professionally illustrated and perfect for your team to to have the home field advantage in order to dominate the competition. It has great field, surface and end zone detail to really help make your game look fantastic!

There are two field images (home and away) printed on one mat so it's a great value and will add some variety to the look of your games. The two fields can be cut apart if you like, so keep both for yourself, or split with a gaming buddy! Or just fold in half or let one side drape over the table edge....either way you are a winner!

The squares on the mat are 50mm x 50mm (just under 2 inches) to allow for some extra room to play! Each field includes: Reserve, KO and Dead areas, as well as first half, second half and reroll boxes.

This mat is compatible with the most popular fantasy football game on the market. It travels light and will fold up into your backpack for easy travel to your local gaming club or convention.

Just add your miniatures, and some additional terrain and you are ready to play!

• High quality durable fleece 
• 4x6 plus - approx. 56"x76" 
• Professionally illustrated 
• Recommended for 28mm "Football" gaming

This is NOT a paper or PVC gaming mat

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