X-Wing 2.0: Xwing compatible movement templates (12) - Green Fluor


Price: $41.95AUD inc. GST

A full set of movement templates perfect for space combat games. All the pieces are made of fluorescent methacrylate which gives them an improved space look, plus they can be used to replace lost or worn out movement templates. The set includes different pieces to mark straight, turn and heavy turn movement in different speed ranges. We include a Positional marker to keep track of the spot where you ship was if you have to remove it from the board. You can choose the colours of the acrylic pieces. Remember that If you are not sure about what colour choose for your pieces you can consult our materials page. Additionally you can personalize your templates with a Nick or the name of your squadron/fleet. Keep in mind that the templates are engraved not painted. All the pieces in this set are compatible with the game Star Wars X-Wing (Second Edition)