Medieval Warfare; Volume 10 Issue 4


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Medieval Warfare X.4

Theme: Prisoners of war

  • Ben Raffield, 'Captivity and enslavement during the Viking Age - Human commodities'.
  • Peter Konieczny, 'Prisoners of war and English rulers - Taken into the king's hands'.
  • Anne Thériault, 'What it was like to be a captive in the Middle Ages - The capture of Thessaloniki'.


  • R. Andrew McDonald, 'A Manx Game of Thrones'.
  • Randall Moffett, 'More time in the saddle that on the ground - The Turkish cavalryman'.
  • Sean Manning, 'The late reinvention of backplates - Turning your back'.
  • Bartłomiej Dźwigała, 'Duke Godfrey in the First Crusade - Cut in two at Antioch'.
  • Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'Reconstructing a medieval weapon - the fire arrow'.
  • M. G. Haynes, 'Seventh-century inter-Asian warfare - Baekje has fallen!'.
  • Vicky McAlister, 'Once they numbered in the thousands - The motte castle'.