COM075: Junkers Ju 88 Kampfgeschwader in North Africa and the Mediterran

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John Weal

About this book
This volume follows the Luftwaffe’s twin-engined ‘Wunderbomber’ southwards to describe its deployment in North Africa and the Mediterranean theatre of war. Early 1941 saw the first sporadic air raids on Malta, followed by the campaign in the Balkans which resulted in the conquests of Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete. After supporting land operations in North Africa during the latter half of 1941, the Ju 88s resumed their assault on Malta. Bringing the story to life are personal accounts of the more famous actions – the bombing of shipping off the coast of Greece and the sinking of three Royal Navy destroyers south of Crete, all illustrated with rare photographs and full-colour profiles.


  • Jan-Feb 41 - Malta
  • Apr-May 41 - Balkans, Greece and Crete. Luftwaffe to E.Med
  • Summer-Autumn 41 - North Africa; Suez Canal
  • Jan-Apr 42 - Renewed assault on Malta; the Malta convoys
  • Jan-Nov 42 - Offensive and counter-offensive in North Africa
  • Nov 42-May 43 - Torch and Tunisia; the end in North Africa
  • Summer-Autumn 43 - Defence of Sicily and southern Italy; Salerno; the Aegean
  • Winter 43-Spring 45 - The long withdrawal through Italy; Bari; Anzio; evacuation of the eastern Med; final surrender
  • Appendices

Paperback; October 2009; 96 pages; ISBN: 9781846033186

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