Medieval Warfare; Volume 10 Issue 2


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Medieval Warfare X.2

Theme: Civil wars and revolts in the Middle Ages

  • Niccolò Capponi and Kelly DeVries, 'A battle in the streets of Florence - Politics turns into war'.
  • Beñat Elortza, '"The entire realm to the duke did fall" - The Swedish Brothers' War'.
  • Adam Ali, 'Civil war in the Mamluk Sultanate - Egyptian power struggles'.
  • Sean Strong, 'The military coup of Nikephoros Bryennios - The sword that became blunt'.
  • Stephen Turnbull, 'A turning point in samurai history - The Ōnin War'.


  • William E. Welsh, '12th-century siege operations in the Mediterranean - The Balearic Crusade'.
  • Randall Moffett, 'Part 1: Professionalisation in the fifteenth century - The armies of Charles the Bold'.
  • Andrew Latham and Laurel Kriesel-Bigler, 'Strategy and alliances in the Near East - Theobald's Crusade'.
  • Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, '"A large, sharp blad wielded with some force" - The halberd'.
  • Vick McAlister and Mary Robbins, 'Studying old technology with modern tools - Castle building 101'.
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