Miniature Wargames Issue 442

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On the cover we have Hollywood On Hood: a Robin Hood scenario and rules using the downloadable By Crom! system

In Jon Sutherland’s Command Decision it’s Mutiny! Shawpore, India 1857. You’re in command with four options to choose from!

In The Elder Scrolls: The editor takes a trip to Modiphius HQ to try out a new skirmish Fantasy system.

In Send Three and Fourpence, Conrad Kinch presents All for the glory of France! A concluding part of his The Men who would be Kings scenario (with!). When it comes to scenarios, in Orbital Debris we have a unique Beyond the Gates of Antares game.

In The History Boy we have an interview with famed illustrator, Peter Dennis, while the Editor took a trip to the Warfare show and came back with a photo report and news of why it’s the last one he’s ever going to in Reading!

Is it a Wargame? Is it a board game with pretty figures? In What is a Wargame? we ponder on just what is and isn’t a wargame...

If you want to scratch build we have a scratch building bonanza with a guide to some beautiful snow terrain using a secret ingredient (that you already have in your bathroom...), a universally useful European storage building and a concrete bunker (in 28mm) plus some FREE gothic ruins to print and assemble!

Club Spotlight features the Milton Keynes Wargames Society.

Finally, we have the review sections – Quartermaster for accessories and Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we have Forward Observer for news plus Recce for a book reviews.

Last Word goes to Rick Priestly.

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