Miniature Wargames Issue 440

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• On the cover we have the battle of Dove Creek: a Texicana scenario for Black Powder
• To help with that there’s some self assembly Wild West Real Estate printable models to assemble!
• Dark Side of the Moon: SF Lunar Skirmish rules!
• In Command Decision you are Kesselring in Italy in ’43
• Frost And Fear is a Kings of War battle for the new 3rd Edition
• Kill The Rabbit enables you to play the ACP164 system with a scenario
• ACW Kriegspiel game
• With Ragna-Rock The World: we have an exclusive scenario for Ragnarok
• Trips to SELWG and Skirmish shows with lots of photos!
• Gordon’s Alive: build a retro rocket!
• Club Spotlight features the Black Wolf Wargames Club
• All the usual news and reviews

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