Miniature Wargames Issue 435

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  • Exclusive Cruel Seas Scenario
  • Prepare For War! The new Conquest fantasy rules.
  • A D-Day 28mm scenario: Spreading the Ham and Jam right to the edges for Ultracombat Normandy. But in Slightly Unbalanced we move WWII to the Western Desert.
  • The Great Expedition with Drake’s sixteenth century raids in the New World. Part 1.
  • In Send Three and Fourpence we cover Solo and cooperative wargaming and in Command Decision we have a crusades conundrum.
  • Compare & Contrast: Tries out GW’s new Citadel Contrast Paints.
  • A report on the Partizan show.
  • Wargames Widow’s makes trees while James Winspear builds a Fantasy House!
  • All the usual news and reviews.
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