GeekOn! QuadMod Gaming Case


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Tired of losing game pieces like socks in the dryer? Yeah we are too! That’s why we created the Quad-Mod Game Piece Module; to protect all your game pieces that cost 0.2¢ to make, but $100 to replace! Organize your tokens, coins, pieces, cards and miniatures properly with the Quad-mod! With so many moving parts, pieces, and players in your kingdom it’s hard to stay organized and keep the pieces. That’s why we created the GeekOn Quod-Mod, the perfect storing and organizing solution for all your gaming parts and needs. Board Games and Role Playing Games (RPG) are now officially in order, with our over 32 compartments of velcro pocket, mesh zippered pouches, and game board sections. Custom designed by and for gaming lovers specifically with you in mind, this GeekOn wonder says GameOn. Like your RPG or classic board game, this GeekOn custom gaming product is a fantasy come true. Composed of durable, high-quality materials, our sustainable Gaming Quod-Mod organizes your game into pieceful coexistence. Weight: 1 lb, 6 oz Dimensions: 18" x 13" x 1.5" Features: 16 mesh velcro Pockets + 16 matching mesh zippered bags Expands like a rectangle, packs away in a square Outside Dimensions: 13.75" x 12.5 x 5 Expanded: 52"L

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