MIG Productions: Marta Kolinsky High Quality Modeling Brushes - Deluxe Bag with 10 Brushes


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Price: $97.95AUD inc. GST

Deluxe transport black bag with capacity for 10 brushes (included).Brushes of hair of tail of Marta Kolinsky. Handmade with a very sharp, durable tip for the most precise work. They have a perfect balance between elasticity and ability to load paint. Brushes included: MP1004 (10-0) MP1006 (8-0) MP1008 (6-0) MP1009 (5-0) MP1010 (4-0) MP1011 (3-0) MP1012 (0-0) MP1013 (0) MP1014 (1) MP1015 (2)

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