Scallywag - Mercenary Light Warjack (metal/resin)

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Captain Phinneus Shae has long been fond of the Buccaneer, finding it eminently useful both for labor and fighting. After one of his favorites lost its arm in a scrap, Shae took it to Engines West in Ceryl for repairs and was talked into paying for a complete weapons overhaul, commissioning a pair of axes, one equipped with an integrated cannon. While it took the machine a few weeks to adjust, Scallywag now seems to enjoy blasting enemies with its cannon and only occasionally tries to use either axe as its missing gaff hook. Scallywag is a new character light ’jack that is bonded to Captain Shae. Scallywag has many movement and defensive tricks that make it a useful addition to any Privateer force, such as its resilience to enemy ranged attacks with abilities like Feign Death and Rise. It also has many powerful mobility tools, like Bounding Leap and Parry, which can put it in unexpected places.

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