Ancient Warfare Volume 12 Issue 2


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Theme: The Thracians and their kin

  • Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'Untouched grave of a Thracian - A prince and his panoply'.
  • Nicholas Wright, 'Putting the Paeonians in context - Down from the hills'.
  • David Karunanithy, 'Paeonian and Agrianian shields - Examining the evidence'.
  • Michael van Ginkel, 'Alexander's Thracian campaign - Into the mountains'.


  • Alice König, 'Micro and macro battle narratives - Frontinus' Strategemata'.
  • Duncan Head, 'Infantry archers at the Hydaspes - Coined Indians'.
  • Christopher B. Zeichmann, 'Jesus and the demon named legion - For we are many'.
  • Duncan B. Campbell, 'Tent-party or barrack room? - The contubernium'.
  • Robert Vermaat, 'The Lepontius relief - A late Roman infantryman'.
  • Tacticus, 'Technè Taktikè, part VII - A new style of ramming'.
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