Ancient Warfare Volume 12 Issue 1


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Theme: Augustus' new Roman army

Lindsay Powell, M.C. Bishop, Paul McDonnell-Staff, and Jasper Oorthuys, 'SPECIAL FEATURE: Roman combat forces after Actium - An army fit for an empire'.


Don Arp, Jr. and Tom Winter, 'Unarmed combat in ancient Greece'.
Duncan Head, 'Greek hoplite, 390 BC - Warriors of the Nereid Monument'.
Kevin Rowan De Groote, 'How hoplites wielded their dory - All your strength is in your spears'.
Tacticus, 'Rome's master tactician - Lessons from Scipio'.
Graham Sumner, 'marcus Aurelius Nepos and his wife - Married for eternity'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'The pay of the auxiliaries - Poor relations'.
Greg Fischer, Vera Weterings, and Andrei Pogacias, 'Book reviews - The Nisibis War: The defence of the Roman East, AD 337-363, Fields of Battle: Retracing ancient battlefields, and Rome's revolution: Death of the Republic and birth of the Empire'.

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