Man-O-War Strike Tanker - Khador Solo (resin/metal)

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Man-O-War tankers are a response to the more impressive armaments and engines of war that Khador now finds set against it. Tankers support their smaller companions in battle, girding them with massive armored shields and laying down heavy supporting fire. Strike tankers are armed with slug cannons, a high caliber, armor-piercing shoulder-mounted weapon. At full power, a slug cannon can breach bunker walls and other fortifications, and its shot is similarly effective against battle engines and colossals.

Where the Suppression Tanker excels at laying down a massive amount of firepower round to round, the Strike Tanker takes one insanely powerful shot each turn. The Slug Cannon wielded by the Strike Tanker is capable of punching holes in soldiers and warjacks alike. Supported by warcasters that can either increase the effectiveness of this weapon, such as Supreme Kommandant Irusk (PIP 33053), or help the Tanker get into position quickly to begin firing, such as Kommander Andrei Malakov (PIP 33119), the Strike Tanker becomes a key target that the enemy must deal with before being annihilated.

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