Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich - Khador Command Attachment (resin/metal)

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In another life, Dragos Dragodovich may have been one of the foremost manhunters to emerge from the forests of Skirov or a barbarian warlord with thousands of warriors sworn to him. Born in a modest trapping village, his youth was spent defending his family’s homestead from wild beasts. Dragos had never even seen a city until his conscription, at which point his size and ferocity let him easily qualify as a Man-O-War. Unlike others of his rank, Dragos does not command a dedicated unit. Instead, he is given special assignments, traveling between Kommands as the war effort demands.

Sergeant Dragos is a Command Attachment for the Man-O-War Demolition Corps (PIP 33085) that not only increases the unit’s already impressive offensive capabilities but also provides them with some impressive defensive techniques that will make the Demo Corps harder to defeat in melee combat.

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