Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff, Warcaster - Khador Character Solo (resin/metal)

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Having risen to the rank of kommandant at an unprecedented age, Sorscha Kratikoff has been tasked with commanding the full might of Khador’s new Man-O-War division. Sorscha began her new assignment spending several months undergoing the rigorous training to control Man-O-War armor, a unique hybrid of warcaster armor and Man-O-War armor specially designed to fit her frame. In combat, Kommandant Sorscha is the avalanche in the storm. Her command of winter magic allows Sorscha’s Man-O-War to perform flanking and ambush maneuvers never-before-seen with these steam-powered soldiers. Sorscha goes where the fighting is thickest, laying waste to man and machine.

The newest iteration of this iconic Khador warcaster sees Kommandant Sorscha don the elite Man-O-War army herself. Designed specifically to support Man-O-War models, Sorscha and her trusty warjack Beast 09 (PIP 33055) are an excellent addition to any Man-O-War army.

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