Misery Cage - Cryx Solo (resin)

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Misery cages are a cruel twist on the gibbets used on the mainland to punish pirates. While a mundane gibbet holds a living prisoner to waste away, a misery cage wrings arcane power from the flesh and souls of any locked away within. Cryxians stuff the dead and dying into misery cages so warcasters can draw upon their essence to fuel their profane magic, which renders the body within to crumbling ash, a terrifying but relatively merciful end.

TRADE POINTS: The Misery Cage is a warcaster support model that gives extra focus to the already powerful spell-slinging warcasters of the Cryxian army. This additional focus is especially powerful on ’casters like Warwitch Deneghra (PIP 34086), Goreshade the Bastard (PIP 34088), and Lord Exhumator Scaverous (PIP 34094).

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