Scharde Dirge Seers - Cryx Unit (metal)

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Among those in the Scharde Islands, some humans possess the gift of sorcery, kindled and enhanced by Toruk’s blight. Covens of these women may join the Cryxian pirate fleets, guided by inscrutable omens. Enthralled by the thrumming of blight in their flesh and blood, they indulge in feats of violence, showering in the blood of sacrifices while screaming prayers to the Dragonfather. Some captains feed a coven a steady supply of victims, hoping that amid tortured screams, portents of their future will be revealed.

TRADE POINTS: Scharde Dirge Seers bring a new form of utility to a Cryxian army. With Guidance, they combine well with ranged models, especially warjacks (Leviathan, PIP 34077; Sepulcher, PIP 34117; Kraken, PIP 34117). As a light melee unit with offensive spells, the Seers can also benefit greatly from spells like Dark Guidance (Pirate Queen Skarre, PIP 34068) or The Withering (Warwitch Deneghra, PIP 34086).

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