Wargames Illustrated Issue 363

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This months theme is Hollywood and Wargaming............they may bend the facts and 'HOLLYWOOD' i tup but they give us great food for thought and scenarios and more figures to be bought and painted and so on and so forth........this issue will show you how to interpret what you see on the screen onto the wargames table. Don't like war movies check out the HUNTING BIG GME scenario. Figure conversion for your HOLLYWOOD inspired games.

how to build a 28mm balloon for gaming use......

An exclusive scenario fro BLOOD and PLUNDER  the Pirate adventure game from Firelock Games 

David Tuck and Malc Johnston share their ingenious idea for making rubble.

Mitch Reed shares his thoughts on selecting the rules we buy and sometimes actually use.

See how the West got WEIRD ~ Dracula's America VS The Curse of the Dead Mans Hand....

Build a small boat for Frostgrave or other purposes....Go swimming with SHARKS in a Frostgrave SCENARIO. 

Plus as usual all the usual news reviews and eye candy.


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