GURPS, 4th Edition RPG: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

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Storm Dungeons, Slay Monsters, Seize Treasure A fun hack 'n' slash campaign challenges unique heroes with clever dungeons. To get the most out of your fantasy adventures, you need a game that lets you customize and perfect characters, monsters, treasures, and traps. That's where the ready-to-play Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game comes in. It harnesses the customizing power of the award-winning Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS), and streamlines it so you have exactly what you need to take fully-realized characters on fantastic adventures. Choose from 11 classic professions and nine races. Tailor your hero using quick-start templates and the time-tested GURPS point-build system. Gear up with a massive list of customizable armor and weapons. Pick from over 400 spells. Then battle foes chosen from more than 80 monsters. All this power guarantees epic games in no time . . . starting with the new adventure that comes in the box!
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